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How nurses can turn their free time into cash online

      As a nurse, you probably would be thinking how possible is all this, what are the chances that nurses can make money online, or can a nurse who is always busy with work, going on shifts even at night, and all those medical stuff actually make money online or even have the time to do so?

      To make money online you dont have to be a guru or a geek or some kind of business person. All you need is just an idea that you can use to generate traffic, and convert your traffic to audience then in turn your audience into cash. And now your next question will probably be...

How can a nurse achieve all this?

      The best way a nurses can make money from their free time is to own and run a blog, and not just any kind of blog, a HEALTH BLOG.
      Nurses are very busy people and the only time they have for themselves is the period when they are not on shifts. And sometimes can either be at night or during the day. So it is understandable to say that their free time is limited.
      As a nurse, this is little or no reason why you cant still make some descent cash from this little time that you have. In fact in my experience i'll say "its more than enough". All you need is 45min three times a week. Maybe with a day or two days interval and you are set. 45min to make a single blog post is enough time to invest on your blog.

     Carefully selecting out 3 days in a week when you are less busy, you can make it 4 depending on you time, you can devote these periods to carefully write a quality and meaningful content that would make sense and be of use to your audience. With this full process done weekly, you will be able to drive real and quality traffic to your blog that will in no time convert to cash.

But what will i blog about?

    Giving a health blog to a nurse, is like giving gold to a gold smith. With your health blog, you can choose to subject on the following or selected area.
  1. Children health
  2. Women health
  3. Sexual health
  4. Family life
  5. Sickness/general health
  6. Drugs
  7. Adolescence/Puberty
  8. Public health
  9. Vaccination/ disease control measures and many more
There is never a short on topics to discuss on health, so you see you will never run out of blog post or content to give to your audience. All you have to do is to convert your knowledge into a quality and detailed post and serve it to them.

But how do i make money from this?

      Apart from the fact that you can use google adsense or any reliable ads program or even affiliate marketing to make money from your blog, there is a more unique way to make money from a health blog.
      Now just imagine you are making 3-4 quality blog post weekly consistently for 3 months. And after each post you make, you share them on various groups that you should have joined already on popular social media platforms like facebook, In little or no time, you would have a reoccurring audience who would come to read you blog on a daily base. This will only happen if your post is original and has quality. 
      By now your audience already trust you to be an expert in the field, because health is the only thing you blog about.

      Now what if you decided to sell an e-book that tells instruction on how to loose weight, whether you decided to be the author or not. What if you also decide to sell or advertise a drug or any health product that will help a particular need to your audience, they wont think twice before deciding to buy if they belief it will solve there problem. It will be very easy to sell to them because they already trust you as an expert.

     Now as a nurse who owns a neatly and professionally designed health blog, with quality and original post, you will definitely be able to raise your monthly income.
     So there is only one question left for you to ask yourself,



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