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5 ways to make N100,000 monthly from a TECH BLOG

     TECH BLOG owner are getting rich by day and its not because google pay them more or because they have two heads, but because the TECH BLOG niche will never run out of content and money making ideas.
     Having a TECH BLOG is one thing and making money from it is another thing. Before you can actually make money from your tech blog, there are things you need to do or consider. It is a known fact that you can have 100's of post on your tech blog, but still not making a penny out of it. But the moment you start making money out of your tech blog, then you know you have started blogging or rather tech blogging.
    To make money from your tech blog, as much as a N100,000 monthly, there are facts you have to consider. But before i tell you those fact let me clear the air and make sure you know what tech blogging or rather what a tech blog is all about.
     In simple terms, a TECH BLOG is that kind of blog where the authors main focus is technology. The author dose not blog or post content on anything other than technology. And by tech i mean anything related to gadgets, automobiles, futuristic techs or even virtual tech like web hosting and more. I believe you understand that so lets move on.

Facts to consider before you can actually make money from your tech blog

As follows..

  1.   Blog design [very important]
  2. Quality Content [to avoid plagiarism]
  3. Traffic [comes with good content]

    Now lets talk i little about how important the blog design is to a TECH BLOGGER. A good blog design is the first thing that makes your visiting audience wants to come back to your blog after visiting for the first time. 
    Most tech bloggers or should i say bloggers end up using free blogger template mostly found at soratemplate website or some other website offering free blogger template. But there is a bad side to all this.
    When you use free blogger template you reduce the chances for google to index your website as search engine results. This is because most of those free blogger template are well encrypted with JS coding language so you cant remove the templates developers footer credit link. This alone can prevent googles bots from indexing your site. When this happens, you wont get traffic via SEO which is in turn bad for business.
    In other words If you dont have money to buy a premium theme or blogger template or even hire a designer to take care of the whole thing, then try to find free templates without encryption. In my opinion, i will advise you to hire a designer who will take care of the whole process or installation than buying a template. This is because you wont have to go through the stress of editing and SEO.

So how do i make as much as a N100k from my TECH BLOG in one month?

There are five major ways to do this i will try my best to make it as easy as possible

  • AFFILIATE MARKETING: This is in fact the best way to make as much as a 100k monthly from your tech blog. As far as you have quality traffic, you will always make money from affiliate marketing. Most affiliate networks will pay you as much as 40% per buyer or even 30%. So lets do the maths. Now Lets say you are registered as an affiliate to ENVATO MARKETS OR STUDIO, you will get a cool 30% for anything you sell or any customer you direct to their website and buys a product. So what if the customer buys a stuff worth $20, you will be making $6 dollar on that sale. Now you are able to get 50 buyers for that month, That means 6 * 50 which will give a stress free $300 dollar. Converting to naira will give you N102,000 using N340/1$. This is just for only envato markets. So what if you are signed to clickbank, cj, jumia, konga and the rest of them that gives high affiliate percent you can imagine how much you will make if you do your work properly.

  • PRODUCT REVIEW: This is also another lucrative way of making money from your tech blog. When you have enough traffic and a good amount of reoccurring audience, people or product owners will want you to help them review their product or service. This can only happen when they see your content as original and having quality traffic. Now it is left for you to charge them whatever you like.

  • GOOGLE ADSENSE: With AdSense, one will need quality consistent traffic to make make enough money to put food on your table monthly. The truth is, this is buy far the slowest way to make money from a tech blog, as long as you are new to blogging. I wont even advise anyone who is new to blogging to concentrate on adsense. But instead focus more on posting good content and increasing your blog traffic. When you get this right, google wont think twice before approving your adsense application. With adsense, you can make as much as 100 thousand monthly if you have quality traffic and a GOOD BLOG DESIGN 

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  • HIRED SERVICES: As a tech blogger, you have many advantage on your audience. As long as you add value with your content, your audience will always see you as a step ahead of them. Now the advantage to this is that they will want you to do things for them directly. Instead of instructing them, they will prefer to hire you. The good thing about hired services is that when you deliver a job properly, the client you did the job for will lead more client to you because of a job well done.

  • PRODUCT SALES: With this method, you only have to create one digital product and package it as an eBook or video format and sell to your audience. But before you do this you need to make sure that what you want to sell is what you are knowledgeable about and must be related to technology or your blog niche. If you have a solution to a problem and you package it in an eBook format and sell for N2000 each, you only need to sell to 50 people  to reach the N100,000 per month bench mark. This method is easily applicable to a tech blog because tech bloggers have a wide range of things to blog about.
With the options listed about  any tech blogger can raise his or her monthly income with a 100K. These method can all be implemented at once but for starters i will say you should pick one and focus seriously on it. This method will work seriously with quality content and very good blog design 

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