Start any blog today with these simple steps

          Starting a blog is awesome. In fact it  is one of the surest ways to make money online in this 21st century. But you cant just go ahead and start a blog in any of the blogging platforms. You cant just go to WordPress or blogger and just start any kind of blog, you need to have a plan. You need to carefully ask yourself this questions

  • Why do you need a blog
  • What do you want to blog about
  • Do you want to make money from your blog
  • Are you ready to invest in such effort and see handsome returns latter
        If you are ready to do all of this, then you are ready to become a blogger. The blogger life is a very fulfilling one especially when you have started earning from your blog. Now just imagine making or earning about $50-$100 daily, that's about $1500 monthly from working 2-3 hrs daily, even if its on top your bed or from your mobile phone. Now that's what i call been free! This amount is possible even for a new blogger. With the right coaching and effort, you'll achieve that kind of earning in no time.

And by efforts, i mean dedicated and continuous work. It dose not need to be very hard, Just make sure you do it everyday

So lets get back to the questions you need to ask yourself

Why do you need a blog?

Now before we answer this question, there is something you need to know. Most bloggers or should i say "blog owners" have become obsessed with making money from blogging that they commit the number one offence most bloggers make, The biggest mistake you can ever make while blogging, if your reason is to make money from your blog.
      Now because you see how Linda Ikeji is making money from her entertainment and gist blog, you know decide to open your own entertainment and gist blog, because you think that's where the money is. Now because you also see the way Naijaloaded owners are booming with cash, you also went ahead to open that kind of blog, because you feel that,s where the money is.
      Now because you are so concerned on earning, you set up a very bad looking blog with poor user experience and you now result to coping post from other website to your own blog just to drive traffic. Because of this act of plagiarism that you are committing, You did not get approval from Google AdSense so because of that you went ahead to buy an adsense account. Now that you have an adsense account, you went ahead to spam your links all over Facebook just to get clicks on your ads. Now after some time, google then kicks you out or banned you because your blog dose not follow there rules and policies. All this are likely to happen if you have a very bad blog design with bad user interface and also if your blog is without purpose.

Google Adsense will only offer you a tip of the iceberg from the full potencial or income you can make from any blog . So stop blogging for your ads. Blog for the purpose.

The truth is blogging is not a get rich quick system, you have to be patient with it. But when your earning starts coming, it comes from all aspect of your blogging. You have to be patient and consistent for at least 4-6 months before you can start seeing provable results. That long wait includes the time when you

  • Design or build up your blog
  • Post quality and original content
  • And drive traffic to your site, through commenting and social media platforms

Once you do the listed above correctly, your blog will start attracting about 50-100 people daily. Once you have a 100 people who visit your blog daily, anytime you suggest a product to them either from your affiliate marketing or your own product they wont hesitate to buy. This is because they trust you because your post are original and your blog design is very professional 
     With proper coaching this would be easy to achieve even for any kind of blog and for the person who started blogging yesterday.
      In summary, dont get too obsessed with making money from blogging, that you loose the very purpose your blog has to offer. If your major reason for blogging is to earn, do it in the proper manner and you will see your earning in no time. When your blog has original value, making money from it will be the least of your problems. For now, your major issue should be how to grow your audience and collect their emails as well.

What kind of blog do you want to create?

    This is a question you have to sit back, relax and answer. Because once you have started, there is no going back. Or else of course you want to start again
     Before you answer this question, you have to consider three things

  1. Whats your hobby or what do you like doing best? Blogging is easier when its fun
  2. What do you know best or is most knowledgeable about? Blogging is about sharing information. You cant give what you dont have. If there is something you have so much idea on, its easier to blog on that.
  3. What do people need? Is there something that you feel people need to know about, an awareness or something of that sort. Or is there some kind of information that you want or you are feeling the need to share, then you can start a blog on that. In fact people normally appreciate these kind of blogs.

        Now these set of question have to be answered before you can know the kind of blog to create.
For example, If you are the kind of person who loves technology whether foreign or local, you can easily decide to start up a tech blog. You cant be a tech lover and you start operating a music blog just because its lucrative. And also even if you are the type that loves cooking, you can start up a food blog. In fact we dont have enough food blog around. And you cant really say there is too much of it.
       Your profession can also affect your choice of blog. You may be a teacher, a nurse or even an architect and you can still run a professional blog along side with your profession. In fact owning a blog along side your profession gives you an edge over the others. This is because you will have more authority on that niche and your online audience would trust you first before they even trust your colleagues. 
       In summary whatever blog your are deciding to start, Your first interest and concern should be how to add value to your waiting audience.

Do you want to make money from your blog?

The dream of any new blogger is always to make money from blogging.
But If your reason to blog is to make money from it then you have to blog as if you want to make money from it. You dont have to be forceful about it, you only have to blog like a pro. So what do i mean by forceful?
     There are some blogs that you will visit and the first thing you see is ads just right there on the front page. In some cases is just right there on the header. Sometimes when you even decide to scroll down the page, you even mistakenly click those ads and you are immediately redirected to a page you know nothing about. Now you will definitely agree with me that this kind of ads can be very annoying especially when you haven't gotten the reason you even visited the page in the first place.
     Now this is what i mean by been forceful. Its like searching the pockets of the customers entering your store for the first time to see if they have any money. With this kind of attitude, you will loose audience and the one that came wont come back.
     But if you want to make money from blogging you have to do it in a clean and professional way.

  • Select a single niche. Choose only one topic to blog about. When your blog is about various topic, you limit yourself to making money from adsense alone. Now just imagine you want to buy a nice pairs of shoe, would your prefer to buy from a store that sells and deals on only shoes or a store that sells both cloths, books, foodstuffs, jewelries and many sort of things? Now it is the same for blogging. Blogging about a particular niche gives you an upper hand if your aim is to make money from your blog. You increase your authority on that topic and your chances to make more money increases. 
  • Choose a domain name. Getting a premium ".com" domain name should be a "must do" if you want to look professional. I made a post sometime ago on how to get a premium domain name for as low as N450. Click here to read it.
  • Get a premium design or blog designer. Now also imagine you enter a store and every things looks tidy kept and well arrange, you will feel more comfortable and you will wait even if the store owner puts you on hold. When you blog looks very neat and responsive, you audience would first see you as a professional even before they read your post. Having a professional responsive design for your blog should be a top priority as someone who wants to make money blogging. If you cant do it yourself, hire someone to get it done for you. or click here now to hire me.
Now with all this set up, your earning will come as long as you post original content.

Are you ready to invest in such effort and see handsome returns latter?

An investment is an investment even if its $0.001. Now the sad truth is, many of us want to get many thing for free even money. Nobody has a personal machine that prints money, the money is only passed from one person to another in exchange of goods or service. More money will get to you if you have more stuff to give out in return. 
      So now you want to make money from your blog, but you dont want to buy a premium domain, premium template or even brand your self with a premium logo. The little tip you need to invest in your blog to make it look professional is nothing compared to what you will be making.
     Don't let "yourself" stop you from making and earning the money you ought to make as a pro blogger. So Get started.

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