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How to make money from YOUTUBE everyday

With different means to make money online, been broke is not an option for you. YouTube have given to us a very awesome platform where we can have fun, and still have an opportunity to make money from it.
          According to statistics, YouTube has over 4 billions users daily. so you can imagine the type of traffic that is coming into this website daily. Over 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube each day, and over 6 billion hours of videos are watched every month on YouTube. So as you can see, the traffic on youtube is like a virus, it spreads. And like i always say...
where there is traffic, there is money

 Now the next question is, how on earth can i make money from YouTube, even with all that traffic. Firstly, there are different ways anybody can make money from YouTube.
  1. By advertising your own product through video marketing
  2. By creating and showing sponsored content on your channel
  3. And by monetizing your videos for google to pay you
Now for the purpose of this post ill be talking more on the last method. But i will still give you a tip for the first two.
  1. By advertising your own product. If you have a product to sell, maybe you are an affiliate marketer or you own a product that you want to sell. Even if its a digital product, or goods and services. You can easily make a sales video, and put the link of your product below it. Now people who are interested in that video or product would watch it, in that way clicking on your affiliate or product link below the video. Now this link will now lead them to you product page. So the more people watch your video the higher your chances to make money. So the cooler your video, the better your conversion
  2.  By creating and selling sponsored content. This method wont work if you don't have or have not grown your YouTube channel subscriber list. The size of your subscriber will determine the success of this method. For example, if your YouTube channel is majoring on a particular niche, and you upload and do videos on that niche, anyone who watches your video and notice that your videos are majorly on that topic which he just found, he would subscribe to your channel to get more videos on that topic. Now this is how it works.....Lets say your channel is about cars. You have a huge archive of car video collection daily. People who love cars would subscribe to you channel. And when you have a huge subscriber list of car lovers, the advertiser will now see it necessary to call you to advertise their product. This is because they know you have the kind of audience they are looking for. Your $$$ will rise "lol".
Now back to the reason i wrote this post.

  •  Monetizing your videos for google to pay you. When you monetize your videos, google place a 3-10 sec ads just before your video starts playing. And when someone clicks on your ads google gives you much as 1$-3$ per click depending on the type of traffic your channel receives. Even if nobody clicks on your ads, google still pays you 1$-3$ per 1000 viewed ads on all the videos on your channel combined. Now just imagine your video now goes viral, getting as much as 50,000-100,000 views in a day. You will be making as much as 50$-100$ dollar in a day. That my dear is easy-money.
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But how do i monetize my videos?
Since my guess is that you already own or have a YouTube channel, ill show you exactly how you can setup and start earning with your YouTube channel. You wont earn if you don't have an Adsense account connected to your channel.
So lets start with connecting your account to adsense.
  1. click on creator studio

2. Click on channel
3.Click on status and feature
4. Now click on set up adsense
Now all you have to do is to follow the next instruction which will then direct you to adsense page that will then lead you to setting up your adsense account via YouTube. After submitting your review, Google will check out your channel and see if it meets up to there standard. If it ok, you will get an approval. 
Please make sure you have at least 5 videos and each have a minimum of 10 views before submitting your application.
When you are approved you will receive an email from google that you have been approve and set to start earning. Now go bake to your dashboard to select the videos you want to monetize. 
To check your earning, visit your adsense dashboard to see your conversions. 
Please place relevant and meaningful videos so that google can show high paying ads on your channel. 

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