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How to write your first ORIGINAL BLOG POST

To be frank with you guys, i never thought i would ever make a post on "how to write an original blog post". This is not because i don't want to help you guys, but because i did not know how to stretch this further enough and tell you what an original post would look like. But ill try.

The truth is, anything can be a post. It could be the way you feel about something. In blogging terms, it is called "PRODUCT REVIEW".  A product review is one of the easiest type of blog post. This is because, you really do not have to copy and paste from another blog. In fact if you do this, you are simply telling your audience that you do not have a mind of your own. But when you sit down and to observe the product and honestly tell you audience what you observe, you audience will notice your sincerity and originality and would definitely come back for more of your original reviews. So in other words, to write something original you have to understand and somethings feel what you are talking about.

In writing an original post that you are the only author to, you have to be committed in the course of blogging. You have to think, research and write in your own words your feelings, recommendations, or observations about your topic or blog post heading. This is not a job for a lazy person.

Now lets say i own a blog about weight loss or healthy living. And i want to write a post, mind you! an ORIGINAL POST titled "The benefit of a good sleep". Now lets say i decided to start my blog post like this...

"today at noon after taking some snakes and  walking down the stairs to my office, i tripped over my own shoes. Immediately i noticed how tired and dizzy i was. That was when i remembered that i didn't get enough sleep the previous night because of some office papers. Indeed sleeping is good for our body to feel well. According to a doctor in Kenya, sleeping....."

Now you see how intresting that was? And you also noticed how you were following right? This is because i was real, original and even added a little fun experience to it. This is far better than copy and pasting a blog post that is not yours and in most cases not interesting.

When your blog post is original, you are sending a serious message to you audience. You are telling them that you are an expert in the field. So when you give them a recommendation, lets say a product from your affiliate marketing, They would accept and even be ready to pay a dollar for it. This is because they already know you as an expert on that field or niche.

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  1. Nice post sir, commenting from nairaclass.com

  2. what if i have never had visible contact with the product


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