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How to write your first ORIGINAL BLOG POST

To be frank with you guys, i never thought i would ever make a post on "how to write an original blog post". This is not because i don't want to help you guys, but because i did not know how to stretch this further enough and tell you what an original post would look like. But ill try.

The truth is, anything can be a post. It could be the way you feel about something. In blogging terms, it is called "PRODUCT REVIEW".  A product review is one of the easiest type of blog post. This is because, you really do not have to copy and paste from another blog. In fact if you do this, you are simply telling your audience that you do not have a mind of your own. But when you sit down and to observe the product and honestly tell you audience what you observe, you audience will notice your sincerity and originality and would definitely come back for more of your original reviews. So in other words, to write something original you have to understand and somethings feel what you are talking about.

In writing an original post that you are the only author to, you have to be committed in the course of blogging. You have to think, research and write in your own words your feelings, recommendations, or observations about your topic or blog post heading. This is not a job for a lazy person.

Now lets say i own a blog about weight loss or healthy living. And i want to write a post, mind you! an ORIGINAL POST titled "The benefit of a good sleep". Now lets say i decided to start my blog post like this...

"today at noon after taking some snakes and  walking down the stairs to my office, i tripped over my own shoes. Immediately i noticed how tired and dizzy i was. That was when i remembered that i didn't get enough sleep the previous night because of some office papers. Indeed sleeping is good for our body to feel well. According to a doctor in Kenya, sleeping....."

Now you see how intresting that was? And you also noticed how you were following right? This is because i was real, original and even added a little fun experience to it. This is far better than copy and pasting a blog post that is not yours and in most cases not interesting.

When your blog post is original, you are sending a serious message to you audience. You are telling them that you are an expert in the field. So when you give them a recommendation, lets say a product from your affiliate marketing, They would accept and even be ready to pay a dollar for it. This is because they already know you as an expert on that field or niche.

How copy and paste will DESTROY your blog

The truth is, many of us that claim to be bloggers hardly or never really write our own original post. If you are blogging and you depends so much on getting your information from another blog or website, then you are not really blogging. You just go to a popular website and the next thing is to copy someone else hard worked content then you go and past it on your blog. That is stealing and it dose not give your audience a good user experience. In simple English, it is called plagiarism.

Now this is what you don't know about plagiarism or rather copy and pasting someone else content on your blog.
  1. If you are trying to apply for google adsense, you wont get it. This is because google knows that the content is not yours. Now you may want to ask "how on earth will google know that". Google is the biggest search engine in the world and you seriously think they wont know? Now if i search for ways to make money online on google, google will in turn directs me to website or blogs that will show me how to make money online. But if you copy that website content and past it on your blog, google who directs people to the original source will know and then flag your website for plagiarism. Now my dear you would be disapproved from adsense because you do not have an original content which is against adsense program policy  
  2. Bad traffic. Yes ! are you surprised that it can also cause bad traffic? especially from search engines as reputable as google. Having an authority on a niche is every bloggers dream, and when this happens.......your money will grow like grass. this is because people will trust and respect your view on that niche or topic. Now, lets say i own a food blog for example. Instead of me to post original content on the kind of food am blogging about, i begin to copy post from other food blog. This will not only cripple my blog but will also drive people away. Google will not in turn direct people to my website because they know i don't have an authority on that niche. They know this because my blog would have already been flagged for plagiarism by their robots.  
  3. You wont make your money on time or may never even make money at all. Now like i said earlier on the second reason, Having an authority on a niche is like having money in your bank account.  Just take a look at those bloggers who write and post original content. It dosnt take long before they start making money. The trick is, spend the first year trying and struggling to write original content and people will know that you have a say in the matter. But when you copy and past they may have seen it somewhere else, and would now you are hungry and trying to make money by force. And believe me, people are quick to calling what they don't trust or don't know scam. This is because they don't know you as an authority on that niche so they cant trust to pay you for anything. Now just imagine linda ikeji selling an e-book on entertainment blogging, you can imagine how much she would sell. this is because people know and trust her on that niche. 
So stop delaying your money and start writing original and quality content.

If you need any assistant or want to contribute  please leave a comment below

    Why blog? Is it a must to have a blog?

    Why should you even own a blog?  So because Linda ikeji owns a blog and she’s making millions monthly, you think you too can also own a blog today and make millions tomorrow? But sadly, it’s not as easy as you see it to be or the way it has been preached to you. If by having a blog can make you very rich in no time, then many Nigerians would have been millionaires by now. Because anyone who is broke will just have to head to blogger or WordPress, after a few clicks “boom” your blog is ready and you can now start making millions too. Sadly enough it doesn’t and would never work that way. This is because….


    Gone are the days of Linda ikeji or back in 2006/2007 where anyone can just start up a blog, copy content from other blogs or news website and apply for googles AdSense. After getting approved in no time, the next thing is to start spamming your link over the internet and you will still be able to make a decent dollar a day. Let say between 50-100 dollars or if not more. Back then it was a whooping N250,000 – N500,000 monthly. And this amount was easy to achieve if you knew how to spam.       B u t    t h o s e  days are far gone.

    These are the days of hard work and consistency. Am sorry, if you don’t know how to do any of these, you will not make a penny from blogging. so if your aim is to get rich quick, i will advice you to raise your tent and pitch it somewhere else. If you are not committed to the cause, it is better to withdraw than to waste your time doing things you don't love.

    But on the other hand, blogging can be a fun thing to do especially when you have something to blog about. it can go from a hobby to a full time profession. It is not just about google ad-sense and traffic, but its about your passion and the things you love doing and sharing. The truth is.....you can actually blog about anything. It could be about dogs, just because you have a pet dog or just because you love dogs. It could be about cars just because you love fast cars. it could be about farming or gardening if you have a lot of experience in the topic. It could even range from a topic of fun to a professional subject or even a company blog. What am trying to say is that ......you can totally blog about anything as long as you have an idea about the topic.

    So you see, anything is possible with a blog. Just be focused and determined and you will earn as much as linda ikeji before you even know it. Even if it takes time, your work and effort will surely pay.
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