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How to make money from YOUTUBE everyday

With different means to make money online, been broke is not an option for you. YouTube have given to us a very awesome platform where we can have fun, and still have an opportunity to make money from it.
          According to statistics, YouTube has over 4 billions users daily. so you can imagine the type of traffic that is coming into this website daily. Over 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube each day, and over 6 billion hours of videos are watched every month on YouTube. So as you can see, the traffic on youtube is like a virus, it spreads. And like i always say...
where there is traffic, there is money

 Now the next question is, how on earth can i make money from YouTube, even with all that traffic. Firstly, there are different ways anybody can make money from YouTube.
  1. By advertising your own product through video marketing
  2. By creating and showing sponsored content on your channel
  3. And by monetizing your videos for google to pay you
Now for the purpose of this post ill be talking more on the last method. But i will still give you a tip for the first two.
  1. By advertising your own product. If you have a product to sell, maybe you are an affiliate marketer or you own a product that you want to sell. Even if its a digital product, or goods and services. You can easily make a sales video, and put the link of your product below it. Now people who are interested in that video or product would watch it, in that way clicking on your affiliate or product link below the video. Now this link will now lead them to you product page. So the more people watch your video the higher your chances to make money. So the cooler your video, the better your conversion
  2.  By creating and selling sponsored content. This method wont work if you don't have or have not grown your YouTube channel subscriber list. The size of your subscriber will determine the success of this method. For example, if your YouTube channel is majoring on a particular niche, and you upload and do videos on that niche, anyone who watches your video and notice that your videos are majorly on that topic which he just found, he would subscribe to your channel to get more videos on that topic. Now this is how it works.....Lets say your channel is about cars. You have a huge archive of car video collection daily. People who love cars would subscribe to you channel. And when you have a huge subscriber list of car lovers, the advertiser will now see it necessary to call you to advertise their product. This is because they know you have the kind of audience they are looking for. Your $$$ will rise "lol".
Now back to the reason i wrote this post.

  •  Monetizing your videos for google to pay you. When you monetize your videos, google place a 3-10 sec ads just before your video starts playing. And when someone clicks on your ads google gives you much as 1$-3$ per click depending on the type of traffic your channel receives. Even if nobody clicks on your ads, google still pays you 1$-3$ per 1000 viewed ads on all the videos on your channel combined. Now just imagine your video now goes viral, getting as much as 50,000-100,000 views in a day. You will be making as much as 50$-100$ dollar in a day. That my dear is easy-money.
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But how do i monetize my videos?
Since my guess is that you already own or have a YouTube channel, ill show you exactly how you can setup and start earning with your YouTube channel. You wont earn if you don't have an Adsense account connected to your channel.
So lets start with connecting your account to adsense.
  1. click on creator studio

2. Click on channel
3.Click on status and feature
4. Now click on set up adsense
Now all you have to do is to follow the next instruction which will then direct you to adsense page that will then lead you to setting up your adsense account via YouTube. After submitting your review, Google will check out your channel and see if it meets up to there standard. If it ok, you will get an approval. 
Please make sure you have at least 5 videos and each have a minimum of 10 views before submitting your application.
When you are approved you will receive an email from google that you have been approve and set to start earning. Now go bake to your dashboard to select the videos you want to monetize. 
To check your earning, visit your adsense dashboard to see your conversions. 
Please place relevant and meaningful videos so that google can show high paying ads on your channel. 

How to make 100$ daily from a BLOG

Making a daily income of 100$ through your blog or your small niche website is a dream come through for new bloggers. In fact many bloggers have been in the field for months but yet have not seen that kind of income to play with. If your major reason to blog is to make money, this kind of income should be what you earn in a range of 6 months to 1 year of your blogging profession. But this can only happen if you know what you are doing. 
       Blogging as it sounds can open a wide range of opportunity for anyone  to make money online. Either with or without google adsense. In fact Using adsense will not make you as much as 100$ daily from blogging, unless  you have huge traffic and a lot of clicks. And getting huge traffic and allot of clicks as a new blogger, might require you to have some spamming skills, posting fake news and a lot of coping and pasting from other blogs. This can in turn get your site blocked from using google adsense.
 Lets get to it!!! You want to make money from your blog and the reason you clicked this post is to find out the various ways to make money while blogging. And not just that , you want to also find out how anyone can make a 100$ daily while blogging. So lets get to it...
  1.  With Goggle adsense : As a new blogger, this is by far the hardest and slowest way to make a 100$ daily from blogging, But it is very possible and very achievable. To this, you just need to have a minimum of 50-60 clicks per ads and a minimum of 10,000 to 20,000 page views daily. Now this is definitely a big figure for someone who is totally new to blogging. So if you ask me, for a new blogger, i think you should focus on having your audience first before you apply for google adsense. But the mistake many people make when blogging, is to focus on making money from google adsense, instead on giving your audience quality content.
  2. With affiliate marketing :  Affiliate marketing is a very productive and converting way to make money from your blog. With affiliate marketing, you don't need to do any work. All you have to do is to place or put your affiliate links on your blog post, or place banner ads on the side bars of your blog or website. When you audience sees or buys a product through your link, you get a commission. With affiliate marketing, it is easy to make a 100$ daily. Just make 2 sales with a 50$ dollar commission, and you are good for the day. You can even get higher commissions on multiple sales.  Read Also: how to register and make money from affiliate marketing
  3. With your Own product or Service: Creating your own product or service is by far the best way to make money from your blog. This is because you already have an audience that trust you, so it will be very easy to sell and advertise your own product or service for them to buy or acquire. The best way to do this is buy have a niche website. A niche blog is a blog that focus on one subject matter or problem. it can even be about a particular product or service. Now lets say you are very good at making or producing nice logo or graphic work, you could easily start a graphic blog, and after sometime, you sell stuff to your audience. Or lets say you are very good with the kitchen. You can now decide you want to start up a food blog , with the aim of selling and advertising your own recipe. And what if you decide to sell your product for 20$, 50$ or even100$ based on the quality? So you see with a blog and your own product or service, your power is limitless.
Ads: Let me help you design and develop your blog, while you focus on your earning.

 Don't be left behind. Be among the very few people who will start making 100$ daily in 6-months to 1 year time. Start your blog today

How to register and make money as an AFFILIATE

           One of the quickest way to make money from your blog is with affiliate marketing. This is a very comfortable and reliable way to make money from your blog. This is because you don't have to go through the stress of creating your own product from scratch to finish, all you have to do is to sell other peoples product and they will give you a percentage of their selling price.
            Now just imagine you are promoting a product that is selling for N10,000  and your merchant decides to give you 30%  on every sale. That is you will be making a good sum of N3,000 per sale. And if you sell up to 5 of that product in a day you will be making a good sum of N15,000 daily.
         Now the big question....
  • How do i register as an affiliate?
  • How do i get paid?
  • When do i get paid?
       Now just follow me as i try to answer each question.

For you to be an affiliate marketer you have to register through a platform, or through individual website. An affiliate platform is a website that connects you to people or other website owners who have something to sell and wants to promote it. But these owners don't want to go through the stress of looking for promoters. So they register their website or product on these platforms so that promoters or blog owners can select them to promote. These platform will be in charge of collecting your payment and making sure you don't get cheated.
Below is a list of tested and trusted affiliate platforms...
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  • ShareASale
    Shareasale is a very large affiliate platform with over 4000 advertisers. so you have a variety of product to choose from. Shareasale also offer earnings per click and it offers you good in formation to see how your advert are doing, they have a minimum payout of about $50. But they will give you all you need to make money as an affiliate marketer - Click to register
  • CJ by Conversant
     Commission junction popularly known as CJ is well known for their awesome affiliate service. If your aim is to promote hosting service then i think CJ is best for you. These guys have been around for a long time, and they are well known for their good reputation. CJ can give you the opportunity to earn as much as $50 per day as an affiliate marketer- Click to register
  • Clickbank
    If your website or blog is about digital product, then you should totally consider clickbank. Clickbank gives affiliate over 75% commission per sale. And with clickbank you don't need to register under different advertiser.Click to register
  • Konga Affiliate
    Konga affiliate network  is one of the best affiliate netwwork for our time. It is the most suited for Nigerians and anyone who wants to make. you can choose any category of product to promote and you can get as much as 7% to 10% per confirmed sale - Click to register
  • Ajebo Market Affiliate  
    Ajebo market is new in the field of affiliate marketing. But since they have a name to protect, they don't have a choice other than to do well. These guys are very good when it comes to shoes. So if your website or blog is about fashion, then you should give them a try- Click to register
  • Jumia Affiliate Most bloggers are currently registering as affiliate with jumia. This is because of their flexible affiliate system. As a affiliate with jumia, you have the opportunity to invite other affiliate and earn money referring other affiliate. While you get N300 from referring other affiliate, you make N700 per every sale  - Click to register
Getting paid is usually through your bank account. When registering you are required to fill in your bank details. But different affiliate platforms adopt different means of payment. Some might require you to cash out monthly, while some will require you to reach a certain amount before you can cash out. 
Don't be left out use the link i provided above to register now for your most suited affiliate platform and start making money today from your blog. Your comments are welcomed.
Ads: Let me help your create and design your blog

How to get a ".com" domain name for only N450 naira

     Having a ".com" domain name should be the first step a blogger should take if he or she intends making money from blogging. As a blogger your domain name is what people will remember before they will even remember your name. So it is very important that you domain name should be unique and also preach and holds you brand.
     I belief the reason you are reading this post is because you want a ".com" domain name, so without wasting much time, let me show you how to get your own custom domain name for just as little as $0.99 dollar. Just follow this simple steps i have listed below

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STEP 1>>>
Visit  1&1 website and check if your desired domain name is available

STEP 2>>>
If its available you will see a page like this

STEP 3>>>
After clicking on continue, a new page will load  where you will then click on continue to cart

STEP 4>>>
The final step. Now you will be charge an extra $0.18 dollar, which will then total to $1.17/year After this, you are then taken to the payment page where you make your payment.
This is a one-time offer, i hope you make it count. Visit 1&1 to get this special time offer

Magical software makes you N100,000 monthly online from KONGA

        It is no news that anybody can make money online. In fact the make money online strategy and ideas have affected Nigerians like a virus. It is for this same reason that many Nigerians venture into means that they can make money online. Allot of people get scammed trying to make money online ''i happened to be one of those unlucky ones'' , while very few of us eventually make real money online.
       Making money over the internet may be divided into two major part.
  1. Either you are rendering a service
  2. Or you are selling a product online
Read also: How to create your killer product from scratch.

       But the method am about to show you would require you to have your own product that you will sell online to make good profit. Sometime ago i made a post on how anyone can make N200,000 monthly from konga.
       If you haven't seen that post please read it here. Because this post is allot like that one. Now lets get to the million dollar trick.
       N100,000 is a small amount of money if you already know how to make money online, but will be very huge to you who is a novice to all this. This is not a hype, this is totally achievable and very legit. But this method is not fully online, in fact its 50% online and 50% offline. But don't worry the offline work is not very time consuming. And for the online part, you will be making use of konga.com because that is where most of your earning would come from.
       Now lets take a quick sneak into konga.com. I went to this website to find out the price of a medium size or any size t-shirt, and i was shocked to find out how much its been sold online. the screen shots bellow show you my findings.

          According to the screenshots, t-shirts on konga are sold between the price range of N5,000-N10,000. This t-shirts are mostly sold by different individuals who have set up their online store with konga. Now lets imagine a store owner sells 10 of his N10,000 t-shirts in one month, thats a cool N100,000 for that month. And lets also imagine he also sells 20 of his N5,000 t-shirts, that's another cool N100,000 for that month. Selling 10 to 20 t-shirts wont be a problem compared to the amount of traffic konga receives daily. You can also do some extra promotions on facebook, which will in-turn lead to more sales.
          Now you probably would be asking your self how on earth would you get t-shirts to sell and how would you also get a good camera to take all the picture to place online so that customers can see which one they like and then buy? And how would you also get all those t-shirts, because you cannot go through all that stress for just 1 t-shirt.
         But this is where you are wrong.
  1. You dont need a bulk quantity of t-shirts
  2. You dont need to buy any t-shirt
  3. You dont need any camera to snap any t-shirt
  4. And you can place you t-shirt images on konga with zero cost.
 But how then do you go about it? All you need is
  • A laptop or a desktop computer
  • And internet connection  to upload and post your design
Now let me explain.....The t-shirt maker software will make things allot easy for you. All you have to do is to use the software to design any color or design of t-shirt you want, save or export the t-shirt design, then add it or place it on your konga store. You can decide to make allot of design.
         When you have an order, you would only need to go out and produce the t-shirt that have been ordered. And you can produce as pair ordered. So the stress of buying allot of t-shirt and snapping them has all been removed. Use the button below to download this software

It is not a must that you should sell on konga, you could even decide to start your own online store where you will sell your own t-shirt brands. But for a start my advise is that you stick to konga.
         Now you see how easy it has become to sell t-shirts online. If you have any question, kindly leave a comment and ill reply you as soon as i can.

How to write your first ORIGINAL BLOG POST

To be frank with you guys, i never thought i would ever make a post on "how to write an original blog post". This is not because i don't want to help you guys, but because i did not know how to stretch this further enough and tell you what an original post would look like. But ill try.

The truth is, anything can be a post. It could be the way you feel about something. In blogging terms, it is called "PRODUCT REVIEW".  A product review is one of the easiest type of blog post. This is because, you really do not have to copy and paste from another blog. In fact if you do this, you are simply telling your audience that you do not have a mind of your own. But when you sit down and to observe the product and honestly tell you audience what you observe, you audience will notice your sincerity and originality and would definitely come back for more of your original reviews. So in other words, to write something original you have to understand and somethings feel what you are talking about.

In writing an original post that you are the only author to, you have to be committed in the course of blogging. You have to think, research and write in your own words your feelings, recommendations, or observations about your topic or blog post heading. This is not a job for a lazy person.

Now lets say i own a blog about weight loss or healthy living. And i want to write a post, mind you! an ORIGINAL POST titled "The benefit of a good sleep". Now lets say i decided to start my blog post like this...

"today at noon after taking some snakes and  walking down the stairs to my office, i tripped over my own shoes. Immediately i noticed how tired and dizzy i was. That was when i remembered that i didn't get enough sleep the previous night because of some office papers. Indeed sleeping is good for our body to feel well. According to a doctor in Kenya, sleeping....."

Now you see how intresting that was? And you also noticed how you were following right? This is because i was real, original and even added a little fun experience to it. This is far better than copy and pasting a blog post that is not yours and in most cases not interesting.

When your blog post is original, you are sending a serious message to you audience. You are telling them that you are an expert in the field. So when you give them a recommendation, lets say a product from your affiliate marketing, They would accept and even be ready to pay a dollar for it. This is because they already know you as an expert on that field or niche.

How copy and paste will DESTROY your blog

The truth is, many of us that claim to be bloggers hardly or never really write our own original post. If you are blogging and you depends so much on getting your information from another blog or website, then you are not really blogging. You just go to a popular website and the next thing is to copy someone else hard worked content then you go and past it on your blog. That is stealing and it dose not give your audience a good user experience. In simple English, it is called plagiarism.

Now this is what you don't know about plagiarism or rather copy and pasting someone else content on your blog.
  1. If you are trying to apply for google adsense, you wont get it. This is because google knows that the content is not yours. Now you may want to ask "how on earth will google know that". Google is the biggest search engine in the world and you seriously think they wont know? Now if i search for ways to make money online on google, google will in turn directs me to website or blogs that will show me how to make money online. But if you copy that website content and past it on your blog, google who directs people to the original source will know and then flag your website for plagiarism. Now my dear you would be disapproved from adsense because you do not have an original content which is against adsense program policy  
  2. Bad traffic. Yes ! are you surprised that it can also cause bad traffic? especially from search engines as reputable as google. Having an authority on a niche is every bloggers dream, and when this happens.......your money will grow like grass. this is because people will trust and respect your view on that niche or topic. Now, lets say i own a food blog for example. Instead of me to post original content on the kind of food am blogging about, i begin to copy post from other food blog. This will not only cripple my blog but will also drive people away. Google will not in turn direct people to my website because they know i don't have an authority on that niche. They know this because my blog would have already been flagged for plagiarism by their robots.  
  3. You wont make your money on time or may never even make money at all. Now like i said earlier on the second reason, Having an authority on a niche is like having money in your bank account.  Just take a look at those bloggers who write and post original content. It dosnt take long before they start making money. The trick is, spend the first year trying and struggling to write original content and people will know that you have a say in the matter. But when you copy and past they may have seen it somewhere else, and would now you are hungry and trying to make money by force. And believe me, people are quick to calling what they don't trust or don't know scam. This is because they don't know you as an authority on that niche so they cant trust to pay you for anything. Now just imagine linda ikeji selling an e-book on entertainment blogging, you can imagine how much she would sell. this is because people know and trust her on that niche. 
So stop delaying your money and start writing original and quality content.

If you need any assistant or want to contribute  please leave a comment below

    Why blog? Is it a must to have a blog?

    Why should you even own a blog?  So because Linda ikeji owns a blog and she’s making millions monthly, you think you too can also own a blog today and make millions tomorrow? But sadly, it’s not as easy as you see it to be or the way it has been preached to you. If by having a blog can make you very rich in no time, then many Nigerians would have been millionaires by now. Because anyone who is broke will just have to head to blogger or WordPress, after a few clicks “boom” your blog is ready and you can now start making millions too. Sadly enough it doesn’t and would never work that way. This is because….


    Gone are the days of Linda ikeji or back in 2006/2007 where anyone can just start up a blog, copy content from other blogs or news website and apply for googles AdSense. After getting approved in no time, the next thing is to start spamming your link over the internet and you will still be able to make a decent dollar a day. Let say between 50-100 dollars or if not more. Back then it was a whooping N250,000 – N500,000 monthly. And this amount was easy to achieve if you knew how to spam.       B u t    t h o s e  days are far gone.

    These are the days of hard work and consistency. Am sorry, if you don’t know how to do any of these, you will not make a penny from blogging. so if your aim is to get rich quick, i will advice you to raise your tent and pitch it somewhere else. If you are not committed to the cause, it is better to withdraw than to waste your time doing things you don't love.

    But on the other hand, blogging can be a fun thing to do especially when you have something to blog about. it can go from a hobby to a full time profession. It is not just about google ad-sense and traffic, but its about your passion and the things you love doing and sharing. The truth is.....you can actually blog about anything. It could be about dogs, just because you have a pet dog or just because you love dogs. It could be about cars just because you love fast cars. it could be about farming or gardening if you have a lot of experience in the topic. It could even range from a topic of fun to a professional subject or even a company blog. What am trying to say is that ......you can totally blog about anything as long as you have an idea about the topic.

    So you see, anything is possible with a blog. Just be focused and determined and you will earn as much as linda ikeji before you even know it. Even if it takes time, your work and effort will surely pay.

    Successful Advertising Tips

    If you are planning to advertise on your blog,you can use Google's Adsense program. It's the biggest online market for internet bloggers and most individuals who advertise on a blog do very well from most forms. How come? Most of the time it's about market research. However if you would like to maximize your chances of advertising, with other forms i.e. individuals these five tips below will help you.

    1. Make sure your blog is generating traffic

    This is the most crucial factor. If you want to advertise on a blog with success your blog has to have steady traffic and hits. You can monetise from the word go with Google's Adsense program, however it is a good idea to find out what your readership wants before you advertise to the world. This creates a good measure 'knowing your readers' and what they would like to buy.

    2. Work on your trust rating
    Each member on the internet has a trust rating, and most advertisers will check you out before placing their bids. In other words, the higher your trust rating, the higher the chances of advertising on your blog. As a result you should take all the actions to improve your trust and who you are. Advertise all social media accounts, display contact form and contact numbers. Displaying valuable content is essential for building trust and readership.

    3. Don’t hype your description

    If you want to sell advertising space on the your blog, the more hype you put in your blog description, the more people will think you're desperate to advertise and that your blog isn't a solid one. Examples of remarks you should avoid include: “Huge earnings potential!”, “A lifetime opportunity!”, “My loss is your gain!” etc etc. Secondly, don’t hypothesize what the blog could be earning. Some people list blogs that are making $10 per month currently, and they go on saying: “This blog has the potential to make $4,000 per month easily!” If you knew this for certain you would not be selling the advertising space for such a low price. Know your numbers and provide accurate stats when offering advertising space.

    4. Answer to every comment
    Even if you write a crystal clear description people will still have questions, and they may ask them through your own advertising page comment section. It's important to answer to every single comment, as this will encourage other commenter's and readers to want to advertise on your blog, it will also improve the overall credibility of your blog and your advertising methods.

    5. Have a plausible reason for advertising

    One of the first things people will ask you is why you are advertising? If there is no plausible reason, they will rightly assume that the blog maybe a scam or simply a reason to make money, and that you want to get rid of it before it becomes worthless. In fact it would be a good idea to include the reason for advertising. You definitely need to find a good advertising campaign that fits with your blog. A one which doesn’t annoy your readers with ads that have nothing to do with you blog to. Displaying the wrong ads can be detrimental to your readership and eventually lower your traffic stats, so be careful when placing ads on your blogs to not annoy your readers. Your niche should determine what advertising or monetisation techniques you want to use. There are some techniques that will only work for some niches and not for others. The more you grow your blog to accommodate it's readers the more people will trust your judgment and buy recommendations from you in the future. Get to know your blog, and get to know your readers and the ways to get traffic before you monetize. By providing nothing but free info with no ads, people will soak up your content and become loyal readers. This will allow you to build!

    When the time comes to monetise your blog, you will know what people want and what ads you can make the most profit from. You can then target your readers and maximize profits.


    Is KONGA a scam, what do you think? Definitely KONGA cannot be a scam. In fact they are well know for their quick and quality service. After winning multiple awards over the years, awards based on history and service, the company have worked very hard to stay top of their competitions. KONGA not only offer e-commerce services, but they have also served as an employment platform for many Nigerian youth. So in my words, i would say its totally save to do business with this guys.

    Yes, talking about doing business i recently found a way to combine photoshop with KONGA and people are already using this free method to make thousands of naira monthly. They do this without spending a KOBO

    Put your YouTube videos easily on front page

    Showing your video on front page may seem to be very frustrating but with this trick am about to show you, you will be able to place your video on YouTube front page easily and quickly within 1-2 days. Ok, lets get to it

    Before you upload your video, a box will be there. You will see the choices of PUBLIC, UNLISTED, PRIVATE and SCHEDULED
    Now choose on the UNLISTED option. You may, or may not know this already, but I will explain to you exactly how it's done to stay on first page longer and how I did it to rank my video with 5 million searches on Google Keyword Tool. While uploading place your main keywords in the title. For the description, Go to the last line of your description and type in the title that you used on your video. Type in the exact title you used. Press enter to go to the next line and copy your Youtube video's link in this format: 


    For the top part of your description, you can include anything relevant to your video. It will not affect this ranking method. For the tags, make sure you include your main keywords and add relevant keywords that relate to your video. Do not use keywords that are not related to your video. You should have a description that looks like this:

    Top part of description (Insert some keywords)
    (Insert Title Here)
    (Insert Youtube Video Link here)

    The reason for including your Youtube video's link there is to gain back links from people who automatically scrape your Youtube video onto their sites. This method will rank your video for low competition niches to first page without needing to unlisted your video or send views. You have to wait a few minutes so that your video will appear on the 1st page. This is may seem very simple but it does the trick to rank your videos to page 1 on low competition keywords. If it does not rank, the competition is not low enough. The best way is to combine both of these methods which will be more effective.

    But if you are still not satisfied and want more views for better ranking, you can try the following:

    1. You need to send more than 301 views to your video.

    2. You can share to your friends, or use a method that will help you get at least 301+ views. This is a free way to get views. The higher the retention (high watch time) of your views, the better your video will rank.

    3. The way that was used to rank the high competition video on my sales page was by using a Youtube Views provider. 

    Search for a good high retention Youtube views provider. Make sure they are providing high retention real views. Before I used my provider, I contacted them to check if their views were real. The Youtube provider that I used is qqtube.com - I am not advertising this service, this is just what I used. You are free to use any Youtube views service. They sell high retention views at $0.60 per 1k views. You only need 1k views to do this method.Sign up for an account and click on the Youtube Views section.You should see this:
    Make sure to click the “retention box” for high retention views.
    After submitting your video for 1000 retention views, wait around 8 to 12+ hours for your video to start receiving views. Once your video has around 800 views, go to your video manager and edit your video. Set your video from unlisted to public. Wait a few minutes and check your keyword in the Youtube search. 

    Your video is now on Page 1 for your keyword! 

    If it is not on first page, you either missed some steps, or your keyword's competition is way too high. I hope this post has helped someone. Any question, just drop a comment.

    How to create your killer product from scratch

    There are different ways to create a killer product from scratch. But for the purpose of this post, I am going to list and explain 5 unique ways to create your own information product from scratch.
    Product Creation Method #1:
    “Use Private Label Content”
           This is simply a product created by someone else. One of the easiest and quickest ways to product creation is to look at purchasing existing products that you can privately label and then resell as your own. Private label rights give you all the benefits of having your own product without the time and effort of creating it yourself.
          All you have to do is check the terms of your PLR content provider. If he/she allows you to repackage it into products and re-write it, you're all set to go. You may have dreaded the idea of creating a book from scratch, but you needn't worry about creating a book with private label content. It really isn't all that hard; and it's rarely time-consuming. In fact, if you have no interest in making the product unique, you can simply replace the author's name with your own – and immediately put it up for sale.
           I personally recommend editing the product before selling it. This would give it more originality and style. If you want to do that, this is what I suggest:

                                                i.            Edit the PLR content. Not all PLR content is cleanly edited. You will want to give the articles a quick glance to make sure they do not contain any grammatical or factual errors. If, for instance, you're selling a marketing product and you're an Internet marketer, it could be quite embarrassing if you take credit for factual errors your PLR content provider made.

                                              ii.            Make the document look nice. Bold and underline chapter titles. Use a clean font, such as Georgia, Tahoma, Verdana, or Times; and make it large enough for readers, but not too large (otherwise it will look like you're overcompensating for a lack of content). Size 14 may be reasonable. Create a clear table of contents. And, if you want to score points with your customers, create a clean internal-linking system, so that your table of contents links to book chapters. You can easily do all of this using Open Office.

                                            iii.            Turn your word processing document into a PDF. Now you are ready to sell your product.
          But you don't have to stop there. You could do something that most PLR product buyers don't – something that would make your product stick out from the rest. You could take your book and convert into audio or even video; and either package it with your electronic book or sell it separately.

         Once you've completed these steps, you should have a high-quality professional product. All you need to do is market it.

    Product Creation Method #2:
    “Interview an expert in the field”
          Another fast and cheap way to make a product is to interview an expert in the field – either on audio or through email. Not only will this make for a fast, cheap product creation process, but it will also give instant-credibility to whatever it is you create.

          Alternatively, rather than imposing a long interview on a single expert, you could ask for the expert opinions of multiple people. For instance, I once created a report which basically asked one question:

    “Nigerian food that burns fat?”

    I asked about 15 top marketers and compiled it into a report I used as a lead generator. When a potential buyer sees that the wisdom of 15 experts is packaged into your single report, they'll have a tough time resisting it.

         Additionally, if you're only asking experts to give you about 1-3 paragraphs worth of advice, they're not going to fiercely resist your proposal. Instead, they will probably be more than happy to give you advice; and to be lumped into the category of expert, along with other people they may admire.

         So there you have it: find an expert or experts, interview them on audio or via email, package it in a flashy way; and, in no time, you'll have an excellent product that you can sell to your hungry audience.

    Product Creation Method #3:
            This is a very common method used by most marketers today If you're in a bind and need to get a new product on the market quickly, one of your best options is to outsource the entire product creation process.

            An easy way to do this without spending a kobo, is to go to various free download website ad source for the information you need to create your own product. Since this website will have tons of e-book and software, you could easily do a research and carefully pick out the set of already made e-book and software that would suite your product and use the steps laid out in method 1 to repackage your product. www.greenhatworld.com is a perfect website to carry out a product outsource. Please be careful not to lift the product exactly as they are. Always at your twist.  For more website, just Google this keyword

    “Best free download website”
    Or better still, just do an in-depth Google search on the product you are about to create

    Product Creation Method #4:
    “Use article from article directories”
           Initially, you might think the idea of taking freely available information (i.e. articles from a directory that is free to browse) and bundling them into a book isn't exactly the brightest product-creation strategy in the world; however, in order to think that, you'd have to ignore how well repackaged anthologies and classics volumes have sold over the course of decades...

           Indeed, repackaging, aggregating, and/or putting your own “twist” on something that already exists does add value that customers are willing to pay for. People who buy your product may technically have access to all of those sources, but if they don't know they exist – or if they don't want to shift through all of the garbage to find the few gems – then you have provided a helpful service: you have conducted the research and have compiled high-quality information for them.

    Product Creation Method #5:
    “Make a video tutorial on a product or skill”
            On a daily basis, people under-use most software programs on their computers. Whether at work or at home, people tend to be clueless when it comes to fully-employing the features of Excel, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, or other popular software products.

           Even though all of the information is right there (somewhere in the help index), users are generally disinclined to explore and find out new things if they have to sift through a lot of text. Instead, they usually work with the 1-2% of the features that seem most obvious to them.

          This leaves an absolutely massive opening for you as a product creator. All you have to do is take instructions that are already there – stashed away in some obscure index – and put them in video format. People tend to find video tutorials far more accessible than book tutorials; and, for that reason, are more likely to watch a video series on, say, Excel than they would be to crack a 800-page book that exhaustively explains Excel (or search through a large, confusing help index that does the same).

          There are several keys to being successful with this method. The first is breaking up the videos into categories that make sense and are accessible. If each video is 3 hours long, that isn't going to help people a whole lot if they need a quick tip for making graphs or databases. Instead, try to break them up into smaller videos with focused tips.

           Another important thing to consider when you make videos is how to present the material. If you simply fly by the seat of your pants and don't write a script, you're more likely to confuse viewers than to enlighten them. Instead, write a clear script and practice it several times. Remember that your only goal should be to take something that is normally confusing and
    make it really simple to understand.

             You don't have to apply this to Excel, Access, or PowerPoint. Instead, think about how it could work in your particular field. If you love sport betting for example, try this: come up with a list of ten things that stackers do often, but tend to do wrong. Take vfl sport betting for instance: many people do it, but many get it wrong.
            All you'd have to do here is create some videos of you playing or placing a bet on vfl sport on either Nairabet or your preferred bookmaker. You could then give a step-by-step explanation of what you are doing and why; and then explain what common pitfalls are and how viewers can avoid them.

              When you creating a product, just make sure you do a proper research so as not give a wrong or empty information to your audience. Any product can be created from any category if only you put an extra effort to make yours unique. Do not over promise your audience, so as not to under deliver. 
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