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5 ways to make N100,000 monthly from a TECH BLOG

     TECH BLOG owner are getting rich by day and its not because google pay them more or because they have two heads, but because the TECH BLOG niche will never run out of content and money making ideas.
     Having a TECH BLOG is one thing and making money from it is another thing. Before you can actually make money from your tech blog, there are things you need to do or consider. It is a known fact that you can have 100's of post on your tech blog, but still not making a penny out of it. But the moment you start making money out of your tech blog, then you know you have started blogging or rather tech blogging.
    To make money from your tech blog, as much as a N100,000 monthly, there are facts you have to consider. But before i tell you those fact let me clear the air and make sure you know what tech blogging or rather what a tech blog is all about.
     In simple terms, a TECH BLOG is that kind of blog where the authors main focus is technology. The author dose not blog or post content on anything other than technology. And by tech i mean anything related to gadgets, automobiles, futuristic techs or even virtual tech like web hosting and more. I believe you understand that so lets move on.

Facts to consider before you can actually make money from your tech blog

As follows..

  1.   Blog design [very important]
  2. Quality Content [to avoid plagiarism]
  3. Traffic [comes with good content]

    Now lets talk i little about how important the blog design is to a TECH BLOGGER. A good blog design is the first thing that makes your visiting audience wants to come back to your blog after visiting for the first time. 
    Most tech bloggers or should i say bloggers end up using free blogger template mostly found at soratemplate website or some other website offering free blogger template. But there is a bad side to all this.
    When you use free blogger template you reduce the chances for google to index your website as search engine results. This is because most of those free blogger template are well encrypted with JS coding language so you cant remove the templates developers footer credit link. This alone can prevent googles bots from indexing your site. When this happens, you wont get traffic via SEO which is in turn bad for business.
    In other words If you dont have money to buy a premium theme or blogger template or even hire a designer to take care of the whole thing, then try to find free templates without encryption. In my opinion, i will advise you to hire a designer who will take care of the whole process or installation than buying a template. This is because you wont have to go through the stress of editing and SEO.

So how do i make as much as a N100k from my TECH BLOG in one month?

There are five major ways to do this i will try my best to make it as easy as possible

  • AFFILIATE MARKETING: This is in fact the best way to make as much as a 100k monthly from your tech blog. As far as you have quality traffic, you will always make money from affiliate marketing. Most affiliate networks will pay you as much as 40% per buyer or even 30%. So lets do the maths. Now Lets say you are registered as an affiliate to ENVATO MARKETS OR STUDIO, you will get a cool 30% for anything you sell or any customer you direct to their website and buys a product. So what if the customer buys a stuff worth $20, you will be making $6 dollar on that sale. Now you are able to get 50 buyers for that month, That means 6 * 50 which will give a stress free $300 dollar. Converting to naira will give you N102,000 using N340/1$. This is just for only envato markets. So what if you are signed to clickbank, cj, jumia, konga and the rest of them that gives high affiliate percent you can imagine how much you will make if you do your work properly.

  • PRODUCT REVIEW: This is also another lucrative way of making money from your tech blog. When you have enough traffic and a good amount of reoccurring audience, people or product owners will want you to help them review their product or service. This can only happen when they see your content as original and having quality traffic. Now it is left for you to charge them whatever you like.

  • GOOGLE ADSENSE: With AdSense, one will need quality consistent traffic to make make enough money to put food on your table monthly. The truth is, this is buy far the slowest way to make money from a tech blog, as long as you are new to blogging. I wont even advise anyone who is new to blogging to concentrate on adsense. But instead focus more on posting good content and increasing your blog traffic. When you get this right, google wont think twice before approving your adsense application. With adsense, you can make as much as 100 thousand monthly if you have quality traffic and a GOOD BLOG DESIGN 

  For a neatly designed TECH BLOG?  CLICK HERE

  • HIRED SERVICES: As a tech blogger, you have many advantage on your audience. As long as you add value with your content, your audience will always see you as a step ahead of them. Now the advantage to this is that they will want you to do things for them directly. Instead of instructing them, they will prefer to hire you. The good thing about hired services is that when you deliver a job properly, the client you did the job for will lead more client to you because of a job well done.

  • PRODUCT SALES: With this method, you only have to create one digital product and package it as an eBook or video format and sell to your audience. But before you do this you need to make sure that what you want to sell is what you are knowledgeable about and must be related to technology or your blog niche. If you have a solution to a problem and you package it in an eBook format and sell for N2000 each, you only need to sell to 50 people  to reach the N100,000 per month bench mark. This method is easily applicable to a tech blog because tech bloggers have a wide range of things to blog about.
With the options listed about  any tech blogger can raise his or her monthly income with a 100K. These method can all be implemented at once but for starters i will say you should pick one and focus seriously on it. This method will work seriously with quality content and very good blog design 

Want a new neatly designed TECH BLOG?  CLICK HERE

    Want to re-design your TECH BLOG to get better result?  CLICK HERE


    How nurses can turn their free time into cash online

          As a nurse, you probably would be thinking how possible is all this, what are the chances that nurses can make money online, or can a nurse who is always busy with work, going on shifts even at night, and all those medical stuff actually make money online or even have the time to do so?

          To make money online you dont have to be a guru or a geek or some kind of business person. All you need is just an idea that you can use to generate traffic, and convert your traffic to audience then in turn your audience into cash. And now your next question will probably be...

    How can a nurse achieve all this?

          The best way a nurses can make money from their free time is to own and run a blog, and not just any kind of blog, a HEALTH BLOG.
          Nurses are very busy people and the only time they have for themselves is the period when they are not on shifts. And sometimes can either be at night or during the day. So it is understandable to say that their free time is limited.
          As a nurse, this is little or no reason why you cant still make some descent cash from this little time that you have. In fact in my experience i'll say "its more than enough". All you need is 45min three times a week. Maybe with a day or two days interval and you are set. 45min to make a single blog post is enough time to invest on your blog.

         Carefully selecting out 3 days in a week when you are less busy, you can make it 4 depending on you time, you can devote these periods to carefully write a quality and meaningful content that would make sense and be of use to your audience. With this full process done weekly, you will be able to drive real and quality traffic to your blog that will in no time convert to cash.

    But what will i blog about?

        Giving a health blog to a nurse, is like giving gold to a gold smith. With your health blog, you can choose to subject on the following or selected area.
    1. Children health
    2. Women health
    3. Sexual health
    4. Family life
    5. Sickness/general health
    6. Drugs
    7. Adolescence/Puberty
    8. Public health
    9. Vaccination/ disease control measures and many more
    There is never a short on topics to discuss on health, so you see you will never run out of blog post or content to give to your audience. All you have to do is to convert your knowledge into a quality and detailed post and serve it to them.

    But how do i make money from this?

          Apart from the fact that you can use google adsense or any reliable ads program or even affiliate marketing to make money from your blog, there is a more unique way to make money from a health blog.
          Now just imagine you are making 3-4 quality blog post weekly consistently for 3 months. And after each post you make, you share them on various groups that you should have joined already on popular social media platforms like facebook, In little or no time, you would have a reoccurring audience who would come to read you blog on a daily base. This will only happen if your post is original and has quality. 
          By now your audience already trust you to be an expert in the field, because health is the only thing you blog about.

          Now what if you decided to sell an e-book that tells instruction on how to loose weight, whether you decided to be the author or not. What if you also decide to sell or advertise a drug or any health product that will help a particular need to your audience, they wont think twice before deciding to buy if they belief it will solve there problem. It will be very easy to sell to them because they already trust you as an expert.

         Now as a nurse who owns a neatly and professionally designed health blog, with quality and original post, you will definitely be able to raise your monthly income.
         So there is only one question left for you to ask yourself,



    Start any blog today with these simple steps

              Starting a blog is awesome. In fact it  is one of the surest ways to make money online in this 21st century. But you cant just go ahead and start a blog in any of the blogging platforms. You cant just go to WordPress or blogger and just start any kind of blog, you need to have a plan. You need to carefully ask yourself this questions

    • Why do you need a blog
    • What do you want to blog about
    • Do you want to make money from your blog
    • Are you ready to invest in such effort and see handsome returns latter
            If you are ready to do all of this, then you are ready to become a blogger. The blogger life is a very fulfilling one especially when you have started earning from your blog. Now just imagine making or earning about $50-$100 daily, that's about $1500 monthly from working 2-3 hrs daily, even if its on top your bed or from your mobile phone. Now that's what i call been free! This amount is possible even for a new blogger. With the right coaching and effort, you'll achieve that kind of earning in no time.

    And by efforts, i mean dedicated and continuous work. It dose not need to be very hard, Just make sure you do it everyday

    So lets get back to the questions you need to ask yourself

    Why do you need a blog?

    Now before we answer this question, there is something you need to know. Most bloggers or should i say "blog owners" have become obsessed with making money from blogging that they commit the number one offence most bloggers make, The biggest mistake you can ever make while blogging, if your reason is to make money from your blog.
          Now because you see how Linda Ikeji is making money from her entertainment and gist blog, you know decide to open your own entertainment and gist blog, because you think that's where the money is. Now because you also see the way Naijaloaded owners are booming with cash, you also went ahead to open that kind of blog, because you feel that,s where the money is.
          Now because you are so concerned on earning, you set up a very bad looking blog with poor user experience and you now result to coping post from other website to your own blog just to drive traffic. Because of this act of plagiarism that you are committing, You did not get approval from Google AdSense so because of that you went ahead to buy an adsense account. Now that you have an adsense account, you went ahead to spam your links all over Facebook just to get clicks on your ads. Now after some time, google then kicks you out or banned you because your blog dose not follow there rules and policies. All this are likely to happen if you have a very bad blog design with bad user interface and also if your blog is without purpose.

    Google Adsense will only offer you a tip of the iceberg from the full potencial or income you can make from any blog . So stop blogging for your ads. Blog for the purpose.

    The truth is blogging is not a get rich quick system, you have to be patient with it. But when your earning starts coming, it comes from all aspect of your blogging. You have to be patient and consistent for at least 4-6 months before you can start seeing provable results. That long wait includes the time when you

    • Design or build up your blog
    • Post quality and original content
    • And drive traffic to your site, through commenting and social media platforms

    Once you do the listed above correctly, your blog will start attracting about 50-100 people daily. Once you have a 100 people who visit your blog daily, anytime you suggest a product to them either from your affiliate marketing or your own product they wont hesitate to buy. This is because they trust you because your post are original and your blog design is very professional 
         With proper coaching this would be easy to achieve even for any kind of blog and for the person who started blogging yesterday.
          In summary, dont get too obsessed with making money from blogging, that you loose the very purpose your blog has to offer. If your major reason for blogging is to earn, do it in the proper manner and you will see your earning in no time. When your blog has original value, making money from it will be the least of your problems. For now, your major issue should be how to grow your audience and collect their emails as well.

    What kind of blog do you want to create?

        This is a question you have to sit back, relax and answer. Because once you have started, there is no going back. Or else of course you want to start again
         Before you answer this question, you have to consider three things

    1. Whats your hobby or what do you like doing best? Blogging is easier when its fun
    2. What do you know best or is most knowledgeable about? Blogging is about sharing information. You cant give what you dont have. If there is something you have so much idea on, its easier to blog on that.
    3. What do people need? Is there something that you feel people need to know about, an awareness or something of that sort. Or is there some kind of information that you want or you are feeling the need to share, then you can start a blog on that. In fact people normally appreciate these kind of blogs.

            Now these set of question have to be answered before you can know the kind of blog to create.
    For example, If you are the kind of person who loves technology whether foreign or local, you can easily decide to start up a tech blog. You cant be a tech lover and you start operating a music blog just because its lucrative. And also even if you are the type that loves cooking, you can start up a food blog. In fact we dont have enough food blog around. And you cant really say there is too much of it.
           Your profession can also affect your choice of blog. You may be a teacher, a nurse or even an architect and you can still run a professional blog along side with your profession. In fact owning a blog along side your profession gives you an edge over the others. This is because you will have more authority on that niche and your online audience would trust you first before they even trust your colleagues. 
           In summary whatever blog your are deciding to start, Your first interest and concern should be how to add value to your waiting audience.

    Do you want to make money from your blog?

    The dream of any new blogger is always to make money from blogging.
    But If your reason to blog is to make money from it then you have to blog as if you want to make money from it. You dont have to be forceful about it, you only have to blog like a pro. So what do i mean by forceful?
         There are some blogs that you will visit and the first thing you see is ads just right there on the front page. In some cases is just right there on the header. Sometimes when you even decide to scroll down the page, you even mistakenly click those ads and you are immediately redirected to a page you know nothing about. Now you will definitely agree with me that this kind of ads can be very annoying especially when you haven't gotten the reason you even visited the page in the first place.
         Now this is what i mean by been forceful. Its like searching the pockets of the customers entering your store for the first time to see if they have any money. With this kind of attitude, you will loose audience and the one that came wont come back.
         But if you want to make money from blogging you have to do it in a clean and professional way.

    • Select a single niche. Choose only one topic to blog about. When your blog is about various topic, you limit yourself to making money from adsense alone. Now just imagine you want to buy a nice pairs of shoe, would your prefer to buy from a store that sells and deals on only shoes or a store that sells both cloths, books, foodstuffs, jewelries and many sort of things? Now it is the same for blogging. Blogging about a particular niche gives you an upper hand if your aim is to make money from your blog. You increase your authority on that topic and your chances to make more money increases. 
    • Choose a domain name. Getting a premium ".com" domain name should be a "must do" if you want to look professional. I made a post sometime ago on how to get a premium domain name for as low as N450. Click here to read it.
    • Get a premium design or blog designer. Now also imagine you enter a store and every things looks tidy kept and well arrange, you will feel more comfortable and you will wait even if the store owner puts you on hold. When you blog looks very neat and responsive, you audience would first see you as a professional even before they read your post. Having a professional responsive design for your blog should be a top priority as someone who wants to make money blogging. If you cant do it yourself, hire someone to get it done for you. or click here now to hire me.
    Now with all this set up, your earning will come as long as you post original content.

    Are you ready to invest in such effort and see handsome returns latter?

    An investment is an investment even if its $0.001. Now the sad truth is, many of us want to get many thing for free even money. Nobody has a personal machine that prints money, the money is only passed from one person to another in exchange of goods or service. More money will get to you if you have more stuff to give out in return. 
          So now you want to make money from your blog, but you dont want to buy a premium domain, premium template or even brand your self with a premium logo. The little tip you need to invest in your blog to make it look professional is nothing compared to what you will be making.
         Don't let "yourself" stop you from making and earning the money you ought to make as a pro blogger. So Get started.

    Links to use and get you started 

    How to make money from YOUTUBE everyday

    With different means to make money online, been broke is not an option for you. YouTube have given to us a very awesome platform where we can have fun, and still have an opportunity to make money from it.
              According to statistics, YouTube has over 4 billions users daily. so you can imagine the type of traffic that is coming into this website daily. Over 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube each day, and over 6 billion hours of videos are watched every month on YouTube. So as you can see, the traffic on youtube is like a virus, it spreads. And like i always say...
    where there is traffic, there is money

     Now the next question is, how on earth can i make money from YouTube, even with all that traffic. Firstly, there are different ways anybody can make money from YouTube.
    1. By advertising your own product through video marketing
    2. By creating and showing sponsored content on your channel
    3. And by monetizing your videos for google to pay you
    Now for the purpose of this post ill be talking more on the last method. But i will still give you a tip for the first two.
    1. By advertising your own product. If you have a product to sell, maybe you are an affiliate marketer or you own a product that you want to sell. Even if its a digital product, or goods and services. You can easily make a sales video, and put the link of your product below it. Now people who are interested in that video or product would watch it, in that way clicking on your affiliate or product link below the video. Now this link will now lead them to you product page. So the more people watch your video the higher your chances to make money. So the cooler your video, the better your conversion
    2.  By creating and selling sponsored content. This method wont work if you don't have or have not grown your YouTube channel subscriber list. The size of your subscriber will determine the success of this method. For example, if your YouTube channel is majoring on a particular niche, and you upload and do videos on that niche, anyone who watches your video and notice that your videos are majorly on that topic which he just found, he would subscribe to your channel to get more videos on that topic. Now this is how it works.....Lets say your channel is about cars. You have a huge archive of car video collection daily. People who love cars would subscribe to you channel. And when you have a huge subscriber list of car lovers, the advertiser will now see it necessary to call you to advertise their product. This is because they know you have the kind of audience they are looking for. Your $$$ will rise "lol".
    Now back to the reason i wrote this post.

    •  Monetizing your videos for google to pay you. When you monetize your videos, google place a 3-10 sec ads just before your video starts playing. And when someone clicks on your ads google gives you much as 1$-3$ per click depending on the type of traffic your channel receives. Even if nobody clicks on your ads, google still pays you 1$-3$ per 1000 viewed ads on all the videos on your channel combined. Now just imagine your video now goes viral, getting as much as 50,000-100,000 views in a day. You will be making as much as 50$-100$ dollar in a day. That my dear is easy-money.
    Read Also: how to make 100$ daily from your blog

    But how do i monetize my videos?
    Since my guess is that you already own or have a YouTube channel, ill show you exactly how you can setup and start earning with your YouTube channel. You wont earn if you don't have an Adsense account connected to your channel.
    So lets start with connecting your account to adsense.
    1. click on creator studio

    2. Click on channel
    3.Click on status and feature
    4. Now click on set up adsense
    Now all you have to do is to follow the next instruction which will then direct you to adsense page that will then lead you to setting up your adsense account via YouTube. After submitting your review, Google will check out your channel and see if it meets up to there standard. If it ok, you will get an approval. 
    Please make sure you have at least 5 videos and each have a minimum of 10 views before submitting your application.
    When you are approved you will receive an email from google that you have been approve and set to start earning. Now go bake to your dashboard to select the videos you want to monetize. 
    To check your earning, visit your adsense dashboard to see your conversions. 
    Please place relevant and meaningful videos so that google can show high paying ads on your channel. 

    How to make 100$ daily from a BLOG

    Making a daily income of 100$ through your blog or your small niche website is a dream come through for new bloggers. In fact many bloggers have been in the field for months but yet have not seen that kind of income to play with. If your major reason to blog is to make money, this kind of income should be what you earn in a range of 6 months to 1 year of your blogging profession. But this can only happen if you know what you are doing. 
           Blogging as it sounds can open a wide range of opportunity for anyone  to make money online. Either with or without google adsense. In fact Using adsense will not make you as much as 100$ daily from blogging, unless  you have huge traffic and a lot of clicks. And getting huge traffic and allot of clicks as a new blogger, might require you to have some spamming skills, posting fake news and a lot of coping and pasting from other blogs. This can in turn get your site blocked from using google adsense.
     Lets get to it!!! You want to make money from your blog and the reason you clicked this post is to find out the various ways to make money while blogging. And not just that , you want to also find out how anyone can make a 100$ daily while blogging. So lets get to it...
    1.  With Goggle adsense : As a new blogger, this is by far the hardest and slowest way to make a 100$ daily from blogging, But it is very possible and very achievable. To this, you just need to have a minimum of 50-60 clicks per ads and a minimum of 10,000 to 20,000 page views daily. Now this is definitely a big figure for someone who is totally new to blogging. So if you ask me, for a new blogger, i think you should focus on having your audience first before you apply for google adsense. But the mistake many people make when blogging, is to focus on making money from google adsense, instead on giving your audience quality content.
    2. With affiliate marketing :  Affiliate marketing is a very productive and converting way to make money from your blog. With affiliate marketing, you don't need to do any work. All you have to do is to place or put your affiliate links on your blog post, or place banner ads on the side bars of your blog or website. When you audience sees or buys a product through your link, you get a commission. With affiliate marketing, it is easy to make a 100$ daily. Just make 2 sales with a 50$ dollar commission, and you are good for the day. You can even get higher commissions on multiple sales.  Read Also: how to register and make money from affiliate marketing
    3. With your Own product or Service: Creating your own product or service is by far the best way to make money from your blog. This is because you already have an audience that trust you, so it will be very easy to sell and advertise your own product or service for them to buy or acquire. The best way to do this is buy have a niche website. A niche blog is a blog that focus on one subject matter or problem. it can even be about a particular product or service. Now lets say you are very good at making or producing nice logo or graphic work, you could easily start a graphic blog, and after sometime, you sell stuff to your audience. Or lets say you are very good with the kitchen. You can now decide you want to start up a food blog , with the aim of selling and advertising your own recipe. And what if you decide to sell your product for 20$, 50$ or even100$ based on the quality? So you see with a blog and your own product or service, your power is limitless.
    Ads: Let me help you design and develop your blog, while you focus on your earning.

     Don't be left behind. Be among the very few people who will start making 100$ daily in 6-months to 1 year time. Start your blog today

    How to register and make money as an AFFILIATE

               One of the quickest way to make money from your blog is with affiliate marketing. This is a very comfortable and reliable way to make money from your blog. This is because you don't have to go through the stress of creating your own product from scratch to finish, all you have to do is to sell other peoples product and they will give you a percentage of their selling price.
                Now just imagine you are promoting a product that is selling for N10,000  and your merchant decides to give you 30%  on every sale. That is you will be making a good sum of N3,000 per sale. And if you sell up to 5 of that product in a day you will be making a good sum of N15,000 daily.
             Now the big question....
    • How do i register as an affiliate?
    • How do i get paid?
    • When do i get paid?
           Now just follow me as i try to answer each question.

    For you to be an affiliate marketer you have to register through a platform, or through individual website. An affiliate platform is a website that connects you to people or other website owners who have something to sell and wants to promote it. But these owners don't want to go through the stress of looking for promoters. So they register their website or product on these platforms so that promoters or blog owners can select them to promote. These platform will be in charge of collecting your payment and making sure you don't get cheated.
    Below is a list of tested and trusted affiliate platforms...
    Read Also: How to make $100 daily with your blog
    • ShareASale
      Shareasale is a very large affiliate platform with over 4000 advertisers. so you have a variety of product to choose from. Shareasale also offer earnings per click and it offers you good in formation to see how your advert are doing, they have a minimum payout of about $50. But they will give you all you need to make money as an affiliate marketer - Click to register
    • CJ by Conversant
       Commission junction popularly known as CJ is well known for their awesome affiliate service. If your aim is to promote hosting service then i think CJ is best for you. These guys have been around for a long time, and they are well known for their good reputation. CJ can give you the opportunity to earn as much as $50 per day as an affiliate marketer- Click to register
    • Clickbank
      If your website or blog is about digital product, then you should totally consider clickbank. Clickbank gives affiliate over 75% commission per sale. And with clickbank you don't need to register under different advertiser.Click to register
    • Konga Affiliate
      Konga affiliate network  is one of the best affiliate netwwork for our time. It is the most suited for Nigerians and anyone who wants to make. you can choose any category of product to promote and you can get as much as 7% to 10% per confirmed sale - Click to register
    • Ajebo Market Affiliate  
      Ajebo market is new in the field of affiliate marketing. But since they have a name to protect, they don't have a choice other than to do well. These guys are very good when it comes to shoes. So if your website or blog is about fashion, then you should give them a try- Click to register
    • Jumia Affiliate Most bloggers are currently registering as affiliate with jumia. This is because of their flexible affiliate system. As a affiliate with jumia, you have the opportunity to invite other affiliate and earn money referring other affiliate. While you get N300 from referring other affiliate, you make N700 per every sale  - Click to register
    Getting paid is usually through your bank account. When registering you are required to fill in your bank details. But different affiliate platforms adopt different means of payment. Some might require you to cash out monthly, while some will require you to reach a certain amount before you can cash out. 
    Don't be left out use the link i provided above to register now for your most suited affiliate platform and start making money today from your blog. Your comments are welcomed.
    Ads: Let me help your create and design your blog

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